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Sometimes you jump...

And you think you're brave and you feel the exhuberance of the what if's, the whispers that say "There is only one life to live, Come On! There''s no looking back. It's going to be great." This is where our heads and hearts were when the 300 sq ft mobile home was purchased in 2016. It was placed on our off the grid 2 acre land in between the two stone buildings that at the time had just bare boned walls and dirt floors.  With a handful of wishes, a list of  principles, and years of pinned up ideas we saw the chance and we jumped. 

We didn't mind carrying water to our abode in the beginning. Washing dishes by hand in a wheel barrel had a romantic appeal at first.  Afterall we were teaching our children how precious water is and how important hard work is. Every drop was used and respected.

I constructed our first composting toilet, shelves out of pallets, and a deck while Aurel and his father began making openings in the home with a jack hammer.  It was Autumn and we planted trees, then our first winter. Spring came and I taught a small group of children english and art and yoga in a friends home. Then summer came...the stone pavers were removed one by one and placed outside. It wasn't until the second winter that the gravity started to pull us back closer to earth .

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